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Bill And Ted 3: The story to the point where Face The Music trailer drops

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Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in Bill and Ted.

Do you keep up with what happened to Bill and Ted?

With a trailer for Bill and Ted 3: Face The Music gets back on track and reminds us that we get along well, this week we’re back where it all started.

You see, it’s been 29 years since we’ve seen a couple of time travelers and rock lovers in 1991. In 1989 Bill and Ted’s Fake Travel followed the wonderful adventure of Bill and Ted.

This time a whole new adventure awaits them, as Tuesday saw the long-awaited first trailer, which teases Bill S’s imagination. Preston, Esquire. (Alex Winter) and Ted Theodore Logan (Keanu Reeves) still haven’t saved the world after they got the mission to write the last rock song to unite mankind.

The couple’s daughters, Thea and Billy, played by Samara Weaving and Brigitte Landy Payne respectively, have also joined us to travel through time and unite with death in all its glory to save us all.

But where did it start?

I’m glad you asked.

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The journey began with the glorious adventure of Bill and Ted, the first part of the trilogy.

It came out in 1989, but only started in 2688 and showed us how humanity exists as a utopian society, all thanks to the wisdom of the two great Odins – our comrades Bill and Ted – and the music of their band Wyld Stallyns.

Our man of the future, Rufus (George Carlin), then takes us 700 years back in time, when in 1988 he took a trip back in time to San Dimas, California (the place where many of you met this week), using the secrets of history circuits and a time machine in the shape of a phone booth to ensure that Bill and Ted, a stupid, almost brain-dead, but well-meaning high school couple, successfully complete a history lesson.

Co-authors Bill and Ted responded to a fan statement that the sequel would be too much awoken by the new female characters.

Signature : Co-authors Bill and Ted responded to a fan statement that the sequel will be too enthusiastic about the new female characters of vendor
: Pictures of Orion

If they really fail, mankind is doomed to die, because Ted’s father, Police Captain Logan, plans to send his son to a military academy in Alaska to put an end to Bill and Ted’s emerging group and the hope of creating this utopian society.

Soon the couple with Rufus will be brought back to the year 1805, where we will meet our first historical characters to prove to the boys that this utopia is one thing and that they should go to the history test with them the next day.

While Bill and Ted met Napoleon Bonaparte (Terry Camilleri) in 1805, who led his troops against Austria, and Rufus, Bill and Ted retreated to this day, Napoleon now unjustly slips into the shackles of time.

Before leaving the teens, Rufus explains that it’s time for Bill and Ted to develop normally so they can’t miss their world-famous class presentation the next day.

When Bill and Ted discuss their next destination and notice that they still have a time machine left, they discover that Napoleon is stuck in the next tree. This gives them the idea of kidnapping historical personalities to lead them here and complete their report.

As part of their mission they picked up Billy the Kid (Dan Shore) and Socrates (Tony Steadman), who then stayed in England in the 15th century. They love Princess Elizabeth (Diana Franklin) and her sister Joanna (Kimberly LaBell).

This leads to problems with their father, alias King, but Billy and Socrates save the couple and escape through a time machine in the phone booth.

They find themselves in the distant future, discovering a society based on their influence, and are inspired to praise their story by the abduction of other historical figures such as Sigmund Freud (Rod Loomis), Ludwig van Beethoven (Clifford David), Genghis Khan (Al Leong), Joan of Arc (Jane Widlin) and Abraham Lincoln (Robert W. Barron).

After his definitive return in the present, it appears that Napoleon has gone to the local water park, which has been given the name Waterloo.

Meanwhile, while Bill and Ted try to save the warlord, other historical figures go underground and are arrested by Captain Logan. After their return, Bill and Ted will give a presentation at school and follow a lesson.

Later, Bill and Ted deposed two princesses before they were taken over by these royal monsters in the 15th century. They married in the 18th century and joined the Wyld Stallyns, proving that they were much better musicians than their partners.

When the movie ends, Rufus breaks through the fourth wall and assures us that you’re doing better.

…taking us to Bill and Ted’s fake trip…

The 1991 film follows the first, because the couple are facing their greatest challenge: Leading Wyld Stallyns to victory in the bands’ struggles and creating this utopian future society.

But in the future Chuck De Nomolos (Joss Ackland) will hate this utopia and steal one of the time-travelling phone booths and two robots that Bill and Ted made at the end of the 20th century. A century ago to prevent OG from winning the band.

They date back to the time when Wild Stallins were preparing for a contest that would determine the course of mankind.

Orion Pictures The Grim Reaper is back for Bill and Ted 3.

The couple was always on their way to save the world (Photo: Orion Pictures).

Although Bill and Ted’s current bride and groom, Princess Elizabeth and Joanna, have become skilled musicians, Bill and Ted are still not qualified.

Soon Evil Bill and Evil Ted appear and replace the real couple, kill them and throw them over a cliff at Vasquez Rocks.
Bill and Ted meet Death (William Sadler), who tells them that they can challenge him in a game for their souls – but that no one has ever won.

Not very excited, the couple escaped from his clutches after he melted, but when they try to warn their families, they are thrown into hell at a meeting organized by Ted’s mother, Missy.

When they get there, they suffer under the grip of Satan, face their own fears, and realize that their only option is to accept the death sentence of the process.

By choosing the Dreadnought, the Hint and the Twister they easily defeat death, who then reluctantly becomes their servant.

Anyway, back to the robots – the real Bill and Ted understand that they need to find the smartest person in the universe to help them. With God’s help in heaven, they meet a stranger named Station, bring her back to the present and help her squeeze two good robots, Bill and Ted.

When the evil robots enter the scene, the robots from the station beat them a little.

When Bill and Ted discover that they can go back in time to catch The Nomolos in the present, so that he doesn’t interfere, he understands the same and develops his own plan. But the boys will have the advantage if De Nomolos is arrested by Ted’s father.

Unfortunately Bill and Ted are still garbage musicians, and when they go back to the time machine, they come back. After 16 months of intensive guitar lessons and a two-week honeymoon with their princess, Bill and Ted play a breathtaking rock ballad, accompanied by Death, The Station and good robots.

Thanks to De Nomos’ plans to create an evil show, the music of Wild Stallins resonates all over the world, creating harmony.

During the credits we learn that the band, together with their new friend Death, experience many celebrity benefits that help them fulfill their destiny as two greats before finally accepting their action on Mars.

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So we’re in the present, and Bill and Ted are back… to face the music.

See what we did there?

Bill and Ted 3 stand for the music in film 21. August.

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: When will Bill and Ted’s music be released and who will be part of the cast when the first trailer comes out?

WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: WARREN: Bill and Ted Face Music are getting an official trailer, and that’s great, guys.


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