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Faith Stowers says that Jax Taylor’s Turn To Be Fired From Vanderpump Rules

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After a major revision of Bravo’s Vanderpamp rules this week, Faith Stowers says the network still has a lot of work to do. On Tuesday, Bravo Stassi fired Schroeder and Kristen Dute for their previous racist actions against Stowers. Now she says Bravo must also fire Jax Taylor because he must have been through worse things than these two young women.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Stavers – the only black man to have played in the cast of Vanderpump Rules at the reality show for eight seasons – says that Taylor is incredibly angry, but that he’s still getting away with it.

He said some very, very bad things to the new players. He didn’t take Lala Kent and me very well when we started, says Stavers. He said some very bad things to us and apologized afterwards. But he seems to be getting away with it, and I don’t know why, especially at his age. It’s not that he does it as a young man, as a child, and only makes those little mistakes that young people sometimes make.

Stavers added that Taylor is an adult in this society, and this is the life he wants to live. However, she thinks that Lisa Vanderpamp should intervene and tell him that he is wrong.

She really needs to rebuild it outside the show, Stokers said.

Bravo and Evolution Media issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that they have dismissed Schroeder and Dute in connection with their actions against Stowers. They also released the newcomers Max Boyens and Brett Caprioni because of the racist tweets that had appeared in the past.

You are next @mrjaxtaylor. Make the right choice @Andy & @BravoTV. Remove all racist cancers from the Vanderpampus rules. https://t.co/WihaB2vleK #PumpRules

– 8. Republican social exclusion and assets (@1UrbanEarring) 9. The Commission considers that it is not possible to put such a system into practice. June 2020.

Schroeder and Doute got the axe after Stawards showed on Instagram Live that in 2018 two ladies had called the police for crimes they had nothing to do with. Stavers says it was a very painful experience and that she was in a bad way because she had never been abused in this way before.

She explained that she had just experienced the intimidation she had been subjected to by fans of Vanderpump Rules when Taylor cheated on her Brittany Cartwright and tried to get her life back on track.

Ms Stavers continues by saying that she has received a call from MTV to participate in the Challenge and is looking forward to writing a new chapter. That was when Schroeder and Dute threw the police at them, because they mainly tried to destroy Stavers.

They tried to get the army to arrest me or take me with them because they thought I had deserted without knowing I had voluntary release papers that said I had served my country for eight years, Stowers said.

Vera now wants to join the Pumpur foundry. Thoughts? https://t.co/kYG5uiiN9o.

– #PUMPRULES (@sur_rules) 12. June 2020

She says that Taylor, Schroeder and Dute – on the evening of Shinya Shay’s birthday – claimed Stowers stole Taylor’s car after she disappeared from her home after the operation failed. She said she was accused of stealing a big car, which was hard to accept and made her insensitive.

After Schroeder and Dawt Stavers were fired, she said she wasn’t necessarily happy about it, but she knew it would change her life. She is happy that a big production company like Bravo has found the time to give people a voice and tell them that we can hear you.


Vera Stowers also thinks that Vanderpoms Rules should continue to be broadcast, because the show is a great idea. However, she thinks they abandon people who are more relevant to people with a tan.


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