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Jon Bon Jovi marks the high school graduation of Jacob Bongivoni ‘s son

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Frontman Bon John Bon Jovi celebrates the graduation of his son Jacob Hurley Bonghivoni in high school. The Livin’ son on a Prayer Killer, Jake, shared a hat and dress photo with his proud father, John Bon Jovi, on Saturday and smiled in his ears on his Instagram account.

Jake Bongivoni is the 18-year-old son of John and his wife Dorothea. John Bon Jovi and his wife have four children, the sons of Jesse (Jake) and Romeo, and a daughter, the eldest Stephanie.

The life of John Bon Jovi during the pandemic

Jake has called John many times, just as millions of high school graduates celebrated a day with their families in 2020 after missing the last few months of his high school 40s because of the COWID 19 pandemic.

In February, a few weeks before the world changed, Jake told his social media supporters about his plans to attend Syracuse University in the fall. Bongiwoni’s second eldest son shared family photos with his parents after the big announcement.

Holidays are not holidays for John Bon Jovi

He also announced on that occasion that, although it was not clear what he was going to study, he only had doctoral projects at a certain point in time. Fans are well aware that John is a big soccer fan, and although Jake played soccer at Pennington high school, it wasn’t clear then whether he would continue to play at university level. We are sure that if Jesse’s father and older brother, who also played in high school and then university in Notre Dame, have any influence, we will see pictures of a football served later this autumn, if the pandemic permits.

Jake was already afraid of the coronavirus, and at the end of March John reported that his son Jake was infected with the coronavirus. The singer of The It’s My Life showed that while he and his whole family were in quarantine together, for about 15 days, what he called a mild version of the virus was in Jake’s house.

John said the whole family had taken all the necessary precautions for the safety of the family. He described how Dorothea acted by setting up a quarantine zone in the family home, where no one is allowed in without gloves and mask.

Bon Jovi family has laid the Coronavirus.

But we kept him until all the symptoms were gone, and now he’s 100% healthy. John’s son, Jake, is not the only Bon Jovi member affected by the virus; keyboardist David Brian has also been affected.

Brian has also made a full recovery.

Despite being in his forties, Bon Jovi has cancelled his plans for a summer tour in 2020 and postponed the release of the band’s latest album until October.

Jon Bon Jovi announced that the band plans to postpone the tour until April, which shows that the safety of the fans, the band and everyone involved must come first. Although he had quite a downtime, one thing he wasn’t really used to was being busy. John not only spends his days working on his music and enjoying his family, but also spends his time and money on his community, including his exciting JBJ Foundation project and that of Dorthea.

The world continues to suffer the daily changes that leave it to its fate.

It has been suggested that we should accept that we can live in a totally new way for a while.

We want to congratulate John Bon Jovi Jacob’s son, Jacob, on his high school and university degrees, and thank John and his family for everything they do to make the days of fans and friends a little happier every day by doing their bit for us.

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