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Viewing live, the local theater is a piece of ‘The Cake’

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Pittsburgh+public+theatre%E2%80%99s in online production mode%E2%80%9CThe+Cake%E2%80%9D+Streams+Wednesday+at+7+p.m.+on+PT%E2%80%99website+et+Facebook+page.

Many thanks to the Pittsburgh Community Theatre.

The Pittsburgh Public Theatre Online Pie Show takes place on Wednesday at 7pm on the PPT website and Facebook page.

The small town bakery becomes a battlefield for equality in marriage, as the latest comedy from the Pittsburgh Public Theatre depicts a conflict between family ties, religious identity and progressive values.

The cake is part of PPT’s PlayTime series, which offers free online game readings every Thursday and Friday. Viewers can view the PPT cake on Wednesday at 19.00 on the PPT website and Facebook page. Those who bought tickets for the live PPT show before the end of the show could sign up for an exclusive Friday mood with playwright Beca Brunstetter.

The four-headed cast with Charlotte Booker as Della, a baker from North Carolina, and C. David Johnson as her husband Tim. Della has to reconsider her conservative attitude when her late friend Jen’s daughter Erica Strasbourg asks her to bake a cake for her gay marriage. Jen, on the other hand, struggles with her non-religious black bride Macy (Sharina Martin) to combine her southern white Christian upbringing with her new life in Brooklyn.

Strasbourg – who also appeared in Hamlet’s PPT production in 2018 and lives in New York and Oakmont, north of Pittsburgh – said Jens’ main conflict with the two different worlds. If she wants to respect her family, Jen also wants to support her partner and she has to decide where her values lie.

She really struggles with the ideals with which she grew up and thinks she should respect them, according to Mr Strasbourg. She is in fact in two totally different worlds, where she loves both sides, and she has to face real ideals in herself.

Meanwhile, Macy, who is a stranger to Jen in her conservative hometown, needs to understand how her fiancé is raised and how to deal with the new stressors in her relationship, Martin said.

As her fiancé, my character must support my love by facing this opposition, hate and discrimination, Martin said.

Martin, who like her character lives in Brooklyn, New York, also said that Della’s main struggle in the play has to do with the realization that her biased opinions can actually hurt those she loves, which she believes is an important event for the audience.

I think the most dangerous idea right now is that my personal prejudices and personal fanatical opinions can be kept to myself. This play really reveals what isn’t true, Martin said. I think this is what the main character, the cake man Della, learns as the piece progresses.

The production of cakes was announced in March 2019 and is expected to complete the 2019-20 season. But like many performing arts organizations across the country, the TPP closed its cultural district in March because of the COWID 19 pandemic.

However, at last week’s PlayTime exhibition, artistic director Marja More Kaminski said that the Zoom show will feature the original cast, which according to Strasbourg was selected last summer. Mrs. Strasbourg said that based on the rehearsals she hoped the game would be good for online performances.

I think it would be very well transferable on this Zoom online platform, because the scenes usually take place between two people, so it is not difficult to keep an overview, says Strasbourg. When we rehearse, we can always feel as connected as possible, which is important for the theatre.

Mr Martin said that the last few months have been difficult for the whole theatre sector due to national closures, but online performances give them a chance to share their work and their hopes for the future of their sector.

It was difficult and very scary, Martin said. But it’s good to have an outlet to keep your hand on the pulse of time and remember that theatre is necessary even in these times and that it will come back.

The two actresses said that the way Pie fights prejudice, including the racism Macy tolerates from the white conservative Jen family, reflects the current political climate, according to them. In connection with the protests that took place in Pittsburgh and throughout the country after the death of George Floyd, a black man, by Minneapolis police, Strasbourg said that the issues raised in the play were difficult to dispute, but that it was important to discuss them.

We met [Monday] in the morning and read it, and just after everything that happened this weekend you could feel a different weight, Strasbourg said. There’s no denying what’s going on, and our theatre has a big influence on the contests.

Mr Martin stressed the importance of continuing to talk about racism and hate, even if it is uncomfortable. According to her, pieces like Cake are a way to start discussing complex cases.

It is so important for us to keep talking and communicating with each other, even when it is difficult and especially when everything is on fire, said Mr. Martin. I think this kind of show can help us start a conversation.pittsburgh theaters downtown,plays in pittsburgh 2019,benedum center events,theatre definition,what is theatre arts,definition of theatre by different scholars,types of theatre plays,theatre history

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