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Walking Dead Comics Read Before Negan Lives # 1

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The Walking Dead returns in the special edition of the eponymous Negan Lives #1, a brand new story that overtakes the repressed Negro after being rejected by a society that is slowly recovering. The first Walking Dead comic book since the publication of Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard in July 2019 completed a long series after 193 episodes. The surprise – one shot – will have a positive effect on the comic book stores affected by the COVID 19 crisis, without placing a financial burden on the retailers, who will receive 100% of the turnover from book sales. Negan Lives takes place on Wednesday 1 January. July, exclusively available at the comic book store, marks the first full character appearance since The Walking Dead #174 in December 2017.

In the last issue of Walking Dead, Kirkman teased Negan, who jumped more than two decades into the future after a serious death in the penultimate issue of the book. In the last edition of the book, Negan appeared alone on a blackboard and questioned his fate.

Adlar said he didn’t know what had happened to Negan, and in an interview in February he said that as far as we know, he could be a zombie. Even I don’t know if he’s alive or dead.

Negan Lives allows readers a glimpse into Negan’s life outside and outside the surviving community led by Rick Grimes, where the Savior’s former leader was imprisoned before joining the battle against the new hostile group in Shepchun.

Below are the main questions from the Walking Dead comic book that are recommended to readers before Negan returns in Negan Lives #1 :

1. This is Negan

The context of the Negan is a forerunner of the 16th century. Here is Negan reveals the first chapter of Here is Negan in which the reader learns for the first time how a high school coach specializing in transgressions came to power as the chief savior. Because this baseball bat was mounted in a hard cover, Negan was installed during the Zombie Apocalypse before Negan and Lucille’s favorite barbed-wire baseball bat first appeared in The Walking Dead #100.

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2. Currentless #100

The revolutionary 100. In the 5th edition of The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes and his band give reason to fear that Negan, the F-bomb that brings down the Savior’s leader, will conquer Rick’s people by beating Glenn to death with a Lucille vampire bat after a twisted game of eeny, meeny, miny, moe.

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3. Currentless #105

In issue 105 of Walking Dead, respect is shown between Negan and the young Carl Grimes who, in the previous issue, had infiltrated the Savior’s base and opened fire on Negan’s people. Readers can see Negan’s softer side when he apologizes to Carl after humiliating the boy for his deformity – he lost an eye for a stray bullet in room 83 – and the captured Carl then returns to his father in one piece, creating a unique dynamic that lasts until the end of the final episode.

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4. Current Death #113

After the failed assassination attempt on Rick and his girlfriend Andrea in Alexandria, room 112, Negan reaffirms community control and reminds Rick that his people are a minority and have their own guns. In room 113, an angry Negro threatens to suppress Rick’s rebellion with a second Lucille, but refuses to kill the leader of Alexandria to prevent him from becoming a martyr.

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5. Currentless #125

The Walking Dead # 125, the penultimate issue of All Out War – Part Two, ends the war against the Redeemer as Rick seeks a peaceful solution between the two parties, saying his survivors are fighting for peace without Negan. Moments after Negan’s offer to unite his people and work together to restore civilization better than before, Rick pulls out a knife and cuts Negan’s throat.

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6. Current Death #126

In Walking Dead #126, Rick announces the end of Negan’s reign and war, before being attacked and finally mutilated by Negan. Rick then unilaterally decides to spare the enemy by giving the order to save Negan and put him in jail for his crimes. Dedicated to building society unhindered, Rick tells the leader of the deposed Redeemer that he will rot in prison until the old man dies.

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7. Current Death #141

Two years after the war, Rick and the united communities made a new start with Walking Dead #141. When Negan’s model prisoner caught Rick by surprise and stayed in an unlocked cell, even though he had a chance to escape – which he believes creates confidence – he refused a reduction in his sentence. Meanwhile, Negan acts as Carl’s deputy through the bars of his cells.

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9. Current Death #174

Negan is banished from Alexandria as a free man and joins the militia against the Whisperers. Negan’s lonely life in a remote outpost is interrupted in The Walking Dead #174 when he meets Maggie Ree, Glenn’s widow, who eventually refuses to execute Negan begging to die. You have to live with what you’ve done, Maggie tells him to leave Negan alone. The last time Negan saw his line burn, it was Lucille’s last full version.

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10. A Dead Man Walking #193

More than 20 years later, Carl Grimes regularly supplies the reclusive nigger. He appears without a word in the last issue of the Walking Dead, where one of the signs shows a shadowy nigger visiting a senator in honour of his wife Lucille. The isolation of the Negans will be revealed in Negan Lives #1, which will be published on Wednesday 1. July, only sold in comic book stores.

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