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‘Work from home not travel holidays’: Symbiosis holds staff salaries, seeks explanation.

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Published : 8. June 2020 10:57:19

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They now have to face the commission because, according to the university administration, employees were allowed to work from home but were not allowed to leave the city.

The treatment of working from home as paid leave cost several employees of Simbiosa University a lot of money because they were interviewed and not paid for the month of May.

Dozens of employees who came to their homes during the blockade asked for an explanation of why they had done so without asking permission at the university. Now they have to face the committee, because according to the university board employees were allowed to work from home, but were not allowed to leave the city.

While on the one hand dissatisfied employees claimed to have worked from home or to be willing to work from home, as was the case at other workplaces during the coronavirus pandemic, the university claimed that employees had broken the rules.

According to the professor, some of his colleagues decided to leave the city when the first phase of the lockdown began, or even earlier, hoping to return in time. But the vehicles were closed, so they couldn’t come back. A committee was then formed at the university and forms were sent out to explain why they had returned to their hometown. There used to be no instructions that employees could not travel to their place of residence, she said.

Another teacher stated that he and others had taught at home and had done internal tests and assessments. Some people even returned from their hometown after hearing the news, but they are now in quarantine. Their current salaries haven’t been paid yet, he said.

Vidya Yeravdekar, Managing Director of Symbiosis, confirmed that such a committee had been set up and that the salary had been postponed until the interrogators made statements. This is an internal disciplinary measure. We announced that we would work from home as soon as the government guidelines were issued, but the staff had to be isolated at home and not travel for work. Because there was no certainty about the resumption date, they had to apply for leave according to university rules if they wanted to travel, she said.

According to Yeravdekar, in three months, despite the work stoppage, all employees have had their salaries paid, but now that work has resumed at the university and the employees had to come, even with less violence, many have disappeared.

Now they’re telling us they’re in their hometown. Even if they come back, they’ll be isolated for two weeks. It is both a matter of discipline and responsibility for the work. That’s why we formed a committee and distributed the forms. At least we’ll decide what action to take, she said.

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